We use best agricultural and processing practices to insure that your millet is gluten-free

Millet: A Gluten-Free Grain

From Our Farm Fields To Your Kitchen

Golden Prairie uses the best agricultural and processing practices for growing gluten free millet. Our customers who are diagnosed celiac patients and gluten-intolerant individuals have helped us research, learn, and realize their needs. With respect to this population, we have changed our farm practices for the better.

Gluten Free: You Told Us How

gluten-free processing
  • The processing plant is a facility designated solely to gluten free processing. We maintain two facilities 100 miles apart. One is for gluten free products; one is for non gluten free. Our customers explained to us that because of wheat dust and other gluten contaminates, simply allocating a small room or area in a large facility is inadequate for assuring a gluten free product. International Certification Services, Inc. and the Colorado Department of Agriculture certify these organic facilities.

  • All organic, gluten free grains manufactured by Golden Prairie, Inc. are subject to our HACCP program. This program is in addition to current Good Manufacturing Processes required by the federal and state governments. The HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point) program identifies critical points in production operations that inherently lend (even minutely) themselves to contamination issues (including cross-contamination), food safety issues, etc. Even though this program is not required for grain cleaning facilities, Golden Prairie believes that by being a HACCP compliant facility, all risks of cross contamination, or even any food safety issue will be eliminated.

  • We honor our celiac customers by assuring them we have no cross-contamination because our millet facility is gluten free.

How Golden Prairie Maintains Gluten Free Farm Equipment

Our farm equipment is 100% purged before handling gluten-free millet.

All farm equipment is 100% purged before handling our gluten free millet.

Grain drills – Are always completely cleaned and inspected prior to millet seeding.

Grain augers – Are completely cleaned and inspected prior to use. We do this by reversing screws in our augers.

Grain trucks – We use power washers to clean all trucks including their walls and floors. According to national organic standards, each truck is equipped with a clean truck affidavit. Prior to the loading, even with this assurance, we always inspect each truck on site including farm grain trucks and over-the-road semi trucks. Only then do we accept a clean truck affidavit.

Millet is gluten-free

Grain bins – To avoid cross-contamination prior to each harvest, our farm group spends a full day on their farms cleaning out all bins by power washing, wet vacuuming, sweeping, and visually inspecting to be sure they are 100% clean for our customers. Our farmers are adding new grain bins annually in order to allocate bins solely for the storage of gluten free millet.

Combines – The combines used for millet harvest are completely cleaned prior to entering our millet fields. After our thorough and complete inspection, each combine operator then provides a signed, clean equipment affidavit. This helps us assure the use of best gluten free handling practices.

Organic millet harvest with swather