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This recipe is gluten-free

Gluten & Dairy Free Millet Pancakes

This recipe is great for waffles as well.

Gluten Free and Dairy Free Millet Pancakes


1 cup millet flour
1¼ cup oat flour
¼ cup potato starch
1½ tsp baking powder
¾ tsp salt
¾ tsp guar gum
1 cup coconut milk (or milk of choice)
1 cup water
2 eggs, beaten
4 tbs melted butter substitute
2 tbs honey (or agave to make this recipe vegan)
1 tsp vanilla extract Fruit of your choice (optional)
Maple syrup (optional)

Preparation Instructions

1. Make your millet flour by blending whole and uncooked millet in your blender until a flour consistency. This should take approximately one to two minutes.
2. Mix the dry ingredients in a large bowl.
3. Add in the wet ingredients and mix thoroughly until your batter is smooth.
4. Oil a large skillet and set the stovetop to medium.
5. When the skillet is hot ladle the batter onto the skillet.
6. When tiny bubbles form at the edge of the pancake it is time to flip them with your spatula.
7. These pancakes are best when served immediately and with either a fruit of your choice or maple syrup.


This recipe is great for waffles as well. Make sure your waffle iron is oiled sufficiently.

Yields 12 pancakes


I have tried soooo many GF pancake recipes and this one reigns supreme by far! They actually taste like pancakes! Wahoo! Thank you.
- Sarah

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